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Replaceable Blades

Replaceable1.pngOur replaceable blade drag bit system is the most cost effective and versatile bit available.

Cost Effectiveness

The blade system allows you to replace a single blade when it is worn or damaged versus replacing the whole bit. Keep a variety of blades on hand to ensure your time onsite is the most efficient.


From 3 7/8” three-step bits to 6 ¼” four-step bits to the various sized chevron bits, our replaceable blade system offers versatility to meet your many different drilling needs.

Replaceable2.png          Replaceable3.png          Replaceable4.png          Replaceable5.png

Head and Ring AssemblyThree-Wing, Four-Wing
Blade Adapter SubMHJR, MHR, FEDP, IF

Replacement Blades
In-Stock Sizes
Step Type
37/8" – 61/4"
Chevron Blade
37/8" – 61/4"
PDC Bits
4-Wing PDC Bit
5-Wing PDC Bit
6-Wing PDC Bit
Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) PDC Bits
Chevron Type Drag Bits
Step Type Drag Bits
Replaceable Blades
Rock Bits and Can Claw Bits
Other Bits and Subs
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