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Chevron Type Drag Bits

Chevron-Type drag bits are recommended for drilling in slightly harder and more consolidated materials than step-type drag bits such as hard shales, limestones, and tougher gravels.

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BitsIn-Stock SizesAvailable Threads
Three-Wing and Four-Wing Chevron37/8" – 26"23/8", 27/8", 31/2", 41/2", 65/8" API Regular Pin
Three-Wing and Four-Wing Chevron Kelly Bit37/8" – 26"MHJR, MHR, FEDP, IF
PDC Bits
4-Wing PDC Bit
5-Wing PDC Bit
6-Wing PDC Bit
Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) PDC Bits
Chevron Type Drag Bits
Step Type Drag Bits
Replaceable Blades
Rock Bits and Can Claw Bits
Other Bits and Subs
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