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Superior Performance, Lower Cost

Drill farther and more efficiently with less wear and better durability by using specialized PDC’s. Our bits do what conventional bits cannot, and are less expensive with lower repair costs. Lower Bit Cost/ft = Higher Profits

Meet Drilling Objectives

Diamond is one of the strongest materials known to man. The diamond’s strength gives it superior properties for cutting through any other material, which makes it ideal for drilling in a wide range of applications. Our PDC’s are made by efficiently bonding the polycrystalline diamonds with tungsten carbide materials and brazed on fixed-head bits. Fixed-head bits rotate as one piece and contain no separately moving parts to minimize wear on cutting structures for higher ROP.

Designed to Maximize ROP

We've designed and made PDC bits for numerous different applications, and continue to adapt them for new customers. Every bit is crafted for your use and requirement by our experienced professionals with top of the line workmanship and skill. Palmer Bit PDC Bits ensure high drilling performance to drilling professionals across the world. We are committed to enhancing your drilling projects and work to continuously improve our PDC bits, based on feedback, to deliver higher ROP with lower cost-per-foot.

We offer high quality drilling bits and expedited delivery from our large inventory and quick manufacturing ability. We can get you the bits you need to stay productive in the field.

Product Specifications

  • Select tungsten carbide inserts 3/16” thick are standard
  • Carbide inserts are individually hand soldered using nickel silver rod
  • Drag bits are welded solid at the nose for durability
  • Our blades originate from 4140 heat treated tool steel forgings
  • Forgings are milled to better seat the carbide inserts
  • Relief is hand ground behind carbide inserts for maximum performance
  • Bits can be built to the gauge tolerances required
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