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Keys to Success

Palace Geothermal

We had a contract to drill and install 63 geothermal loops to 300' deep on a job that was black shale covered by a few feet of clay.

We drill with a Compact Sonic Rig however, the Sonic did not work well on the shale.  Our bits would get plugged or packed in with shale.  We tried a drag bit and it was painfully slow.

After spending  4 days to drill 3 holes, we contacted Kevin at Palmer Bit and he sent us a modified PDC to try out.

We drilled all the remaining 60 holes using the same PDC bit.  60 x 300'  = 18,000 feet.

We could drill 2 and loop to holes a day.   The bit looks like it could go another 18,000 feet.

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