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L&J Exploratory Drilling - Casing Seating Bit

Are you tired of fighting gravel when trying to seat your casing? Chuck with L & J Exploratory Drilling in Vandalia, Illinois was, so he called Palmer Bit Company. We sent Chuck our new Casing Seating Bit and here’s what he had to say.

Awesome surface seating bit.  Wanted you to see what kind of gravel we are dealing with in this hole. We set 137 ft. of 6” steel casing through 2 feet of this rock, normally sand and golf ball-sized gravel from grass roots to 100 ft. This is the 25th hole for this bit so far casing steel or PVC. The casing is 100% on seating. Great idea.

Chuck - L&J Exploratory Drilling

Casing Seating Bit after successfully seating casing in 25 wells over 120’ each through about 2’ of the large gravel shown.

Casing Seating Bit from Palmer Bit Co.:
-    Another revolutionary bit design from Palmer Bit Co.
-    Holds back gravel to successfully seat casing
-    Available in any desired size

Another customer - another problem solved!  Call Palmer Bit today, and win your battle against gravel.

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