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Keys to Success

Drill Off

A drilling demonstration was arranged during the Canwell 2010 Tradeshow. The demonstration employed two drill rigs to compare the speed and durability of two different PDC drill bits in the drilling of limestone bedrock in a “drill off” format.

The geology on the site is approximately as follows:
0-10 feet   -   Fill Material and Organics
10-25 feet   -   Brown Clay
25-45 feet   -   Grey Clay
45-55 feet   -   Glacial Till Diamict
55-450 feet   -   Carbonate Bedrock (Fresh Water)
450-475 feet   -   Shale
475-525 feet   -   Sandstone (Saline Water)

The Diamond Devil PDC rocked the competition with a penetration rate in excess of 20'/3 min. while the other rig struggled to achieve 20'/4 min. rates.

The Diamond Devil™ PDC offers superior performance and lower cost.

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