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Keys to Success

Ball State

Palmer Bit was on hand for the beginning of the Ball State University geoexchange project. Consisting of 4,400 holes at 400' deep, it is the largest geoexchange project in the country.

Hole size is 5 5/8” for double loops. Drilling conditions include 40' to 50' of overburden and 360' of limestone calling for PDC drilling.

Traditional PDC drilling achieved about 11min/20' of stem. The best drill was completing one hole per day.

Palmer Bit designed the Diamond Devil™ PDC while consulting on the project. Field testing the new bit at Ball State University achieved a rate of 4 min./20' of stem. The drills are now getting two and sometimes three holes each day with the Diamond Devil™ PDC bit.

The Diamond Devil™ PDC offers superior performance and lower cost.

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