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Keys to Success

4-5-6-Wing Bit

How many wings to fly through the job?

It depends. Formations and drilling conditions vary from job to job, region to region and state to state. Now there’s a Diamond Devil PDC to meet your different needs to get the job done right, with the best possible penetration rates and the best overall cost.

Check out the latest addition to the Diamond Devil PDC family.

4-Wing PDC (All New)
 - 4-wing design for soft formations
   (Soft shales and sticky clays with hard stringers)
 - High speed
 - Prevents balling up

5-Wing PDC
 - The original open-body PDC
 - High penetration, high blade profile
 - Lower bit and repair costs than traditional PDCs

6-Wing PDC
 - Break through hard formations
 - High penetration rate and lower project cost
 - Design delivers faster and smoother drilling

The Diamond Devil PDC now offers a complete line of PDCs to meet your varied drilling needs and drive results straight to your bottom line. That’s how we answer your questions.

Standard Sizes with Immediate Availability: 4 3/4” to 6 3/4”
Other sizes available upon request

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6-wing Bit
4-5-6-Wing Bit
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